Salish Sea Ballet offers a wide range of ballet classes for all ages and levels on a weekly basis, as well as special events and workshops throughout the year. Contact us for information about class placement and registration.

Private lessons and ballet birthday parties are also available. We offer master classes and custom ballet programs (one time or ongoing) for groups such as homeschool, students from off island, and seasonal residents. Contact us for more details!

Winter 2024 Registration is open! 


  • NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN. If you register, you are committing to dancing  the full 7-week session. 

  • If your financial situation prevents you from enrolling, please contact us. We have some financial need scholarships available

  • All new students per academic year are charged a $35.00 registration fee to cover administrative costs. 

Rates: Salish Sea Ballet rates are displayed as the total amount due for your 7 week session based on how long your dancer is in studio each week. For example a 45 minute per week class is $120.00 for the full 7-week session.

0 hours 45 minutes$ 120.00
1 hours 0 minutes$ 140.00
1 hour 15 minutes$ 160.00
1 hour 30 minutes$ 180.00
2 hours 0 minutes$ 220.00
2 hours 30 minutes$ 270.00
3 hours 0 minutes$ 300.00
3 hours 30 minutes$ 335.00
4 hours 0 minutes$ 385.00
4 hours 30 minutes$ 430.00
5 hours 0 minutes$ 475.00
5 hours 30 minutes$ 520.00
6 hours 0 minutes$ 570.00